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Best Kitchen Knives - How to Select the Best One

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What would you say is the best kitchen knife? This is a question that many people have asked over the years and their answers have varied widely. The truth is that no single knife will cut it for every cook and every person. So while the definition of "the best kitchen knife" is subject to intense personal opinion, there are several criteria that will help you narrow down the choices. This article will explore some of those criteria so that you can make a more informed decision when choosing a new kitchen knife.

The first thing that you should ask yourself when trying to determine which is the best kitchen knives for you is whether or not you want to purchase a knife with a fixed or a removable blade. Fixed-kitchen knives are designed so that they always remain at the same distance from you when you hold them in the handle. They can also be sharpened anywhere from two to six times per month, depending on the type and quality of the knife. On the other hand, removable blades are designed to be sharpened right after use and can be stored in any manner that you choose-in your drawer, at your work station, or in a briefcase.

Another criteria that you should consider when attempting to determine which is the best knife is the type of steel that you are buying. Most professional knife makers will offer a line of knife steel called German steel. This type of steel has proven throughout the years to hold up much better to the heat than other types of steel. Some people prefer to use Japanese steel because it is much more resistant to the heat and because it is much lighter. Whatever the decision is, remember to purchase a high quality knife made of a high grade of steel.

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