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Kitchen Knife Sets

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A kitchen knife is any single knife designed to be used in food preparation. While much of the work can be done with some standard, hard-bladed kitchen knives - such as a big chef's knife or a butter knife - a kitchen knife set can really improve efficiency and make chopping a breeze. In fact, with some quality kitchen knife sets, chopping will feel like second nature. How can you choose the right knife set for your cooking needs? It helps to know what types of kitchen knives you're going to need, and how many of those types of knives you'll need.

Two common types of kitchen knives are the European and Swiss knives. The Swiss knife has a traditional handle and a tapered, rounded spine. Its distinct "slicer" edge allows it to cut through most kinds of foods - although the point of most modern Swiss knives is to provide an easier edge for working with on the more delicate, thin surfaces of most foods. The European style is more tapered and a bit broader, with a flat, square-edged blade that has been sharpened.

Paring knives, which are often referred to as pocket knives, have a flat, concave cutting surface and are perfect for slicing and chopping. Many modern paring knives have interchangeable blades so you can switch up your knives to create the maximum number of cuts. Another common kitchen knife used for paring is the French paring knife, which is smaller than most kitchen knives but is very effective when sharpening small meals. To get the best results, it's recommended that chef cutlery is sharpened by professionals using specialized tools. Some other types of paring knives include corn knife, pomade knife, and a fruit knife.