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The Chef Knife - Sharpens Every Kitchen Knife For the 21st Century

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In cooking, the chef knife, also called a chef's cutlery, is an efficient cutting tool used in food processing. The first chef knives were made primarily for chopping and slices of meat. However, today it is the main general-purpose knife for all modern cooks. With its long handle, it is easy to hold and manipulate, which makes it one of the most versatile kitchen knives.

The chef knife set includes seven main types of knives, including the seven-inch blade butter knife, seven-inch serrated knife, the Santoku knife, five-inch serrated knife, seven-inch Japanese knife sharpener, Santoku knife sharpener, bread knife and pastry knife. These knives vary in size, design and material, including carbon, wood, carbon steel and titanium. The basic Santoku knife and bread knife are two Santoku knives that use wood for the handle, but other models use other materials. Most kitchen knife sets include eight to ten different knife styles, but the best ones generally contain more than twelve kitchen knives.

The sharpener for the chef knives is included with every set, although some manufacturers will add their own brand of sharpener, such as the Wusthof Classic series. The best ones are usually made from high-carbon stainless steel with a polished edge. After each use, the knife should be sharpened by either grinding or honing. This ensures that the knives remain sharp for a long time.