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The Versatility and Value of Multi-Blade Herb Scissors

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Although the blades of Multi-Blades Edi knives are smaller than those found in other types of kitchen knives, the multi-blade is not only convenient to use it's also safer. There have been multiple cases of people being injured because they were not using the right size blades to their knives. In this case, the person was using a serrated knife and when the cutting board came into contact with the smaller blade, the serrated blade cut into the board and then the person's finger was accidentally sliced through the center of the knife. This type of incident could have easily been avoided if the person had purchased kitchen shears that came apart.

Another example of the value of the multi blade herb tool is when the blade breaks due to misuse. The blades of the multi blade come apart easily if they are not properly handled. In this situation, the user should take care when handling the blades and ensure that they are all lubricated. Lubricating the blades ensures that the parts are free to move, which increases the life of the multi blade.

Lastly, there are many multi blade herb tools that come with different sized blades, which can be used for various culinary needs. A chef would most likely want a knife with a larger blade than the typical chef knife, while a blender would probably need a smaller multi blade. These scissors come in different sizes, colors, styles, and designs and all can be customized to the user's needs. The overall price range of these multi blade tools can be anywhere from twenty to forty dollars, while some are sold for well over a hundred dollars depending on the manufacturer and quality.