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Types of Kitchen Utensil and Their Uses

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A kitchen utensil is typically a small handheld instrument used for food preparation. Common kitchen tasks performed with utensils include cooking food, chopping food items to even size, cooking over an open flame or on a gas stove, grating, grinding, stirring, and measuring. The utensil may be made of porcelain, ceramic, glass, steel, or any other material.

A cooking utensil consists of a handle or paddle for holding in the hand, a spout or rack for pouring the food into, a hook or handle for lifting the bowl to transfer it to a plate, and a long shaft for connecting the paddle to the spoon or rack. There are separate bowls for preparing different types of foods such as vegetables, fish, shellfish, chicken, beef, and eggs and may also contain spoons for mixing and stirring different types of foods. Other utensils can also include a whisk, ladle, or mixer. These cooking implements come in all sizes and most kitchen countertops will accommodate at least one of these implements.

Most cooking spoons have a long, thin blade to aid in chopping or other food preparation tasks. Some spoons have small rubber grips on the handle to hold the handle firmly while cooking. Some spoons have replaceable tips to ensure even cooking of the pasta. There are also pasta bowl types that have a non-stick coating on the bowl to prevent food from sticking to the bowl while it is being cooked. The pasta bowl may also have a handle for transferring the food to a different plate. There are also commercial pasta bowls available in the marketplace that have non-stick coating and are dishwasher safe.

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